Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We started the day with a breakfast of green pancakes, green scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. The kids all got green t-shirts to wear so they wouldn't get pinched! We left these signs on our doors and they worked! The Leprechauns didn't trash our house this year!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009


So it finally happened-the BIG ride! Friday the 13th we had a yummy pasta dinner and met with our coaches, then they surprised us with purple boas to attach to our helmets. Saturday morning my team (The Solvang Sisters) met at 6:45 am to start the ride. There were over 5,000 riders so it was CRAZY in the beginning. Later in the day things calmed down, but it was a crazy start! Everyone loved our purple boas! One of the best things that day was Jim and the kids showing up along the route with posters, bells, whistles and cool t-shirts. It kept me encouraged and motivated!

The hardest part of the ride was mile 80 when the most difficult climbs (three of them!) happened. I was already tired and sore and it was horrible to look up the mountain and see how steep and long the climbs were! We were well trained and kept cheering and singing all the way. When we finished the last climb we stopped and waited for all 16 of our teammates and then rode to the finish line together!

At the finish line there was my cute family, holding signs and cheering. We all started crying! It was the best feeling!

Then I went the the Team-In-Training tent to sign out and get my medal!

After the ride we had time to get back to the hotel, shower and rest a bit, then it was on to the celebration banquet and dancing!

The kids danced the most and everyone loved seeing them out on the dance floor!

The next day we went into Solvang and got delicious danish pastries at this cute bakery!

Then we tried to go to church, but wouldn't you know it was stake conference and the Solvang building was locked up and empty! So we took the kids the mass at Mission Santa Ines. No really, we got there just as they were doing mass and stood in the back. It lead to a great discussion about church and religion.

We got to tour the mission and see tons of cool old artifacts.

On our way out-of-town we stopped at Ostrich Land. It was so cool- they had acres with Ostriches and Emus roaming around. (It was one of the highlights of my ride the day before!) Did you know the life span of an Ostrich is about 80 years?

I got to feed an Ostrich! They are so big and beautiful up close.

Here is the family feeding the Emu. It was tempting to pet them, but we didn't.

When we ran out of food they started hissing and biting each other!

What an amazing weekend! I'm happy to say I rode a century before the one year anniversary of finishing chemo! I loved my entire TNT experience. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to cycle. If you sign up I'll donate to your TNT account (and we can ride together!)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I took Porter in to the doctor for his Kindergarten check-up. He did great on the vision test and hearing test. Then Dr. Minger went to check his ears and the conversation went something like:

Porter- "Do you see something red in my ear?"
Dr- "Is there something red in your ear?"
Porter- "Yes, I put a red pixo in my ear."
Dr- "When do you do that?"
Porter- "At my grandma's house at Christmas."

Sure enough, a red pixo is lodged deep in his ear- they turn to glue when you get them wet, so it's been stuck for over 2 months. We'll be seeing a ears, nose and throat specialist to have it removed. Dr. Minger did give Porter a good lecture on not putting things in his ears and nose.
(Let's just say it's not the first time he's stuck something where he shouldn't!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

82 Miles!

Last Saturday I did an 82 mile bike ride with Team-in-Training. We did the Salmon Run ride. We started in San Rafael at McInnis Park and climbed to the top of Big Rock, along Nicasio and Petaluma road, climbed to the top of Cheese Factory Hill, climbed Marshall Wall (Yuck!), rode along Tomales Bay (where we had terrible head wind), through Point Reyes and Olema, back up Big Rock and then finished at McInnis Park. It was almost 6000 feet of climb! The climbs were tough, but I didn't have to walk any of them. I think I'm ready for my century on March 14th.
Here I am with my team. Our team name is the Solvang Sisters! I'm on the left, my amazing coach Beth is in blue.

When I got home I found this cute sign out front! It reads: 80 miles on a bike! Our mom is tough like Buffy! I'm having a blast cycling and would highly recommend TNT to anyone who is interested in doing an endurance event!

What have I started?

So in our town we don't have a "Mall." We have some shops, but not a typical "Mall." The girls asked if we could go shopping at a mall and I took them to one. We found a store called "Justice-just for girls" (it used to be Limited Too). Well, the salespeople did their job very well and had the girls trying on tons of outifits and told them how cute they looked in everything. When we finished trying on the outfits they both wanted about $500 worth of clothes and accessories! I let them each get one outfit. Now they both talk non-stop about going to the Mall!